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Mobile Home Fire

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On Friday night, November 15th 2013, firefighters from High Point Fire District responded to a report of a mobile home fire on Tory Road west of Pageland. While responding firefighters were notified by dispatch that the caller had witnessed a male throw gasoline on the side of the mobile home and ignite it. Further information from dispatch indicated the caller thought someone was inside the home and that the person that started the fire was still in the area. First arriving responders found not one, but two burning mobile homes at the end of a long driveway which had been blocked by a log. Once the log was moved Engine 21 continued up the driveway and advanced a hose to begin fire attack on the first mobile home. Ladder 1 continued up the driveway past Engine 21 and advanced a hose and began fire attack on the second mobile home which had collapsed into a burning pile of debris. Engine 31 arrived and supplied Ladder 1 with water. Firefighters searched through the debris of both mobile homes and determined that no one was in either home. The Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Department arrived and arrested a male suspected of starting both fires. At the time of this article the fire remains under investigation.

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