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Vehicle Crash Drama

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On April 19th numerous volunteer and county agencies as well as private business came together to present a vehicle crash drama for the junior and senior students at Central High School in Pageland. The drama, set up by the Pageland Rescue Squad, was meant to portray the dangers of drinking and driving, texting and driving, and the importance of wearing seat belts. 
The drama depicted a head on car crash caused by a drunk driver in which one person is killed, and two other people are injured. Firefighters from High Point Fire District extinguished` a fire under the hood of one of the vehicles while Paramedics from First Health EMS treated and transported one of the vehicles occupants. The other occupant in the vehicle is trapped and has to be rescued by the Pageland Rescue Squad using the "Jaws of Life". That occupant is then taken to a landing zone set up by Sand Hill Fire Department and placed on a LifeNet Helicopter and flown to a trauma center.
 During the drama the drunk driver is arrested by Central High School's resource officer, Sheriff's Deputy Greg Perry, while the driver of the other vehicle is pronounced dead by Deputy Coroner Chuck Clark. The driver's body was then placed in a body bag and transported from the scene by Baumgartner Funeral Home.
All of the drivers and occupants of the crashed vehicles were portrayed by Central High School students. The cars were provided by R & R Collision & Repair with towing provided by Stegall Paint and Body.

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