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Woods Fire

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On Monday, January 27th, 2014 at 1:11 PM, High Point Fire District responded to a report of a woods fire between Stateline Road and Plyler Circle outside of Pageland near the NC/SC state line. Firefighters arrived to find approximately five acres of pasture and woods had been burned with the wind pushing the fire through the woods toward a home. Two High Point brush trucks entered from Stateline Rd. to extinguish the fire in the pasture and began advancing into the woods, but the terrain prevented them from cutting off the fire. Meanwhile a High Point engine and tanker along with a tanker from Lanes Creek Fire Department entered from Plyler Circle and took up positions to protect a home the fire was advancing on. A dozer arrived from the South Carolina Forestry Commission and plowed a break through the woods, stopping the fires spread. The fire appears to have spread from an unattended trash and debris fire and is being investigated by the South Carolina Forestry Commission.

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