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Wild Fire Burns 20 Acres

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Burning household debris on the ground behind a home on Zilly Steen Rd. sparked a fire that consumed 20 acres of grass and wood land, threatening two homes and a barn. At 2:30 pm, April 1st, 2014, High Point Fire District responded to the fire, which was located at 130 Zilly Steen Rd. First arriving firefighters found a fast moving wind driven fire. High Point’s Incident Commander, Joey Hendrix, immediately requested assistance from Sandhills and Ruby-Mt.Croghan Fire Departments. Hendrix also requested two dozers from South Carolina Forestry. The fire’s right flank was advancing on a home while the head of the fire was moving through woodland toward a barn on Belk Sikes Rd. The fire’s left flank was contained by Zilly Steen Rd. Hendrix directed High Point firefighters to attack the right flank of the fire to prevent it from reaching a home. Firefighters from Sandhills and Ruby-Mt. Croghan Fire Departments were directed to attack the head of the fire that was crossing Belk Sikes Rd. Ruby-Mt. Croghan firefighters, operating in choking smoke and near zero visibility, advanced a hose line through the woods and stopped the fires advance. Sandhills firefighters operating in similar conditions stopped the fire’s advance on a barn. The first dozer from South Carolina Forestry arrived and began cutting a fire break around the head of the fire. It was soon disabled when a falling tree damaged a hydraulic line that operates its plow. A second dozer arrived and completed plowing a break through woodland ahead of the fire. The fire was declared under control at 3:57 pm. South Carolina Forestry investigated the cause of the fire and issued citations which could result in up to $700.00 in fines.

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